Three black mailboxes attached to an orange wall. Two boxes have postcards, rack cards and flyers hanging out of them.

How to use Postcards Effectively

  • Know your intention. Is this a takeaway for your customer to have as a memento? Are you using them as way to send quick personal notes? Are you introducing a new product? Do you want to motivate existing clients to buy again or feature a new promotion?
  • Identify your audience. Imagine who you want to engage. What is their age, gender, geography, life stage, income, and profession? Are you sending the piece to their home or office? Stay on brand. Postcards are a high-touch marketing tool to build your brand awareness. They will often stay set out on counters or posted to fridges and bulletin boards for weeks. Many people will see your card. It's essential that the design maintain your brand standards in colour, quality, and content.
  • Use clear, relevant imagery. The image on the front of the postcard should grab attention and convey a clear message. Use an image that is crisp, clear, and on brand.
  • Use a clear call to action. Do you want them to call you, visit your website, go into your store, download your app, or book an appointment? After you’ve decided this, end with a clear direction.
  • Include key contact information. Ensure your audience knows how to respond to your call to action.
  • Incorporate a bold headline. Adding a clear headline or slogan will outline the purpose of the piece and engage your customers with a glance.
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