Woman in a pick jacket holds out a vertical designed business cards with blue waves and lighthouse on a white card.

Tips for Designing a Business Card

  • Keep it simple and honour negative space. Resist the temptation to overcrowd. Only include enough to make the card memorable and pique interest. Negative space gives the eye somewhere to rest and allows your information to stand out and be memorable.
  • Consider your audience. Tailor your card to suit the people you want to reach. If your target audience is designers, you would create a different type of card than if you're targeting accountants.
  • Uses a simple, easy-to-read font. The point of your basic business card is to communicate, so if the text is too small, distorted, or excessively stylized, people will struggle to read and retain it.
  • Make your logo pop. Grab attention and imprint the image of your business in people’s memories by making your logo the focus. Keep it simple, using your logo as the basis for the entire design. Consider complementary colours and design features.
  • Consider a QR code. QR codes remain popular for good reason. They're a great way to quickly offer your audience more information which does not fit on a small business card.
  • Turn your card into a coupon. You can put a coupon or discount code on the back side of your card to make it something people want to keep.
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